The Advantages of the Alpaca Lifestyle


Investment Potential
The value of alpacas as an investment has been steadily growing over the past 20+ years. The US borders are now closed to importation of these animals from South America. Given the 340 day gestation period and the fact that the growth of a herd is limited to one offspring per dam per year, there will continue to be a  shortage of animals with increasing demand for their fiber which is used to make warm and wonderful clothing and related products, eg., rugs, blankets, stuffed animals, etc.

Departure from the 'Rat Race'

Although computers, faxes and mobile phones may have made our lives easier, for most of us, we’re busier than ever with significantly less available personal time. The alpaca lifestyle can help you jump off the rat race treadmill and recapture quality time.


Alpacas graze in pastures and don’t eat much food or require much room (1-10 animals per acre). They are relatively healthy livestock, so veterinary costs are minimal. They are very easy to care for and they do appreciate a kind word!


Although raising and breeding alpacas may be the only job for some alpaca owners, the majority of us still have our primary day jobs. But living with alpacas gives us something to look forward to each and every morning and evening. Alpacas are docile livestock that are shy but very inquisitive. Just watching them is relaxing and it’s a real treat to watch them “pronk” (lope) when they are happy.

Experience the Relaxed Workplace

Imagine not having to get dressed in that suit, uniform or “go to business” clothes. What would it be like not to have to sit in traffic or rush to the office or get stressed out about a report that’s due but there’s no time left to complete?  What if you didn’t have to deal with your boss anymore? Instead, you can be your own boss and report to no one (except maybe your alpacas)!


Raising alpacas allows us the time to take a deep breath, slow down, and see and enjoy our environment and surroundings.....many of the things that we used to be just too harried to notice.


Gone are the deadlines, pressures and stresses that exist OUT THERE. Here, there is peace and relaxation.....and to make it even better.... The alpaca lifestyle affords alpaca owners and breeders terrific investment and growth opportunities.

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